WUD 2020: some of our favourite content around human-centred AI

Celebrating this year’s World Usability Day with some insightful articles from Medium around the topic of human-centred artificial intelligence, 2020’s topic.

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5 min readNov 11, 2020


The hype around artificial intelligence has, for quite a long time, been a mix of excitement over innovation, technological advancements and new possibilities, and fear that humans will lose control of the technology they create.

The topic will be celebrated during this year’s World Usability Day, which will look to “explore design systems that are both highly automated and allow a great degree of user control and will result in to expand human capabilities 1000-fold.”

“If we can design AI which is ‘reliable, trusted, and safe’ we can dramatically enhance human performance in the coming decade.”

Inspired by WUD’s choice for this year’s theme, we gathered some of our favourite content published by Medium authors.

👇 Let’s start with a classic from 2017👇

Natural stupidity is more dangerous than artificial intelligence

By Carlos E. Perez, author of ‘Artificial Intuition’ and the ‘Deep Learning Playbook’

👇 And keep going with more recent articles written by experts in this field👇

Simulated consciousness, and why I believe it’s the future of interpersonal AI

By Mark Gulino, writer and podcaster

A framework for AI ethics & secondary users

By Rebecca Knowe, user experience researcher at IBM

The danger of bias in AI

By Mastafa Foufa, data scientist at Microsoft, via TDS Editorial Team

AI and the future of business transformation in financial services

By Paweł Mikler, technology business consultant, via The Startup

Calculated creativity

By Lucia Komljen, Director of Insight & Innovation Strategy at Telefonica S.A.

AI takes on the challenges of deep learning and psychiatric diagnosis

By Dr. Patricia Farrell, psychologist and author, via The Innovation

What is AI-first healthcare

By Kerrie Holley and Dr. Siupo Becker via O'Reilly Media

Perceptions of AI in the creative community

By Avi Latner via UX Collective Editor

As leaders learn to speak machine, they need to speak better human too

By John Maeda, technologist and product experience leader

Please human, can you teach me how to AI?

By Fabio Veronese, software engineer, via Nerd For Tech

Self-driving cars: the role of mental wayfinding

By Lance Eliot, AI expert & fellow at Stanford University

Ethics for CS & roboticists

By Nathan Lambert, researcher at UC Berkeley, via TDS Editorial Team

What we learn vs. what we know

By Walid Saba, PhD, Principal AI Scientist

5 Startups breaking the boundaries in neurotechnology and brain computer interfaces better than Neuralink

By Dr. Alessandro Crimi, researcher and lecturer, via The Innovation

👇 Finally, some interesting and useful resources 👇

23 amazing Youtube channels for you to learn AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science for free

By Jair Ribeiro, senior AI product manager & business analyst

5 YouTubers data scientists and ML engineers should subscribe to

By Richmond Alake, computer vision engineer, via TDS Editorial Team

AI and data science for dummies — chat with classmates

By Praful Krishna via AI In Plain English

Do you have any other suggestions of content that should be in this list? Let us know and we’ll add them to the round-up!

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