World Inclusion Day 2023: five industry voices leading the conversation on inclusive research

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3 min readOct 10, 2023

Article by Thomas Vaughan, Community Marketing Assistant at People for Research

As we come together in celebration of World Inclusion Day 2023 — a day dedicated to championing people of all races, genders, abilities and sexualities — at People for Research (PFR), we are reflecting on what today means for the User Research industry and how we can strive to make research a more inclusive space!

To mark the occasion, we’ve compiled a list of blogs from some of the loudest voices on inclusion in the industry. From guides for conducting inclusive user research to the positive impact technology is having on the industry, here are some of our favourite advocates for inclusion in research!

1. Inclusive Research on preparing for sessions with disabled participants

Brought to you by ‘Inclusive Research,’ this blog shares tips on how to prepare and conduct research with disabled participants. Offering a range of advice on how to make appropriate accommodations for participants with a range of disabilities, this blog covers everything from session methods to participant consent, so you can ensure more inclusive research practices.

2. Katrina Rempel and Russel Hoy: how inclusive research can inspire better product innovation

In this blog, Rangle’s Lead Experience Designer, Katrina Rempel and Solutions Architect, Russell Hoy, join forces to discuss the importance for inclusion of those with disability and access needs in research studies. The pair argue that, as well as ensuring better research practice, participants with access or disability needs can help maximise product innovation. This is because the needs of those individuals are often left unmet by digital and physical products, in comparison to non-disabled people. Therefore, their participation can provide you with better insights that can improve the usability of your products for all users.

3. Nate Schloesser: how Artificial Intelligence can help break down barriers to accessibility

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made new things possible in a range of industries, including User Experience and Research. In their blog, ‘Using AI to break down barriers in UX design,’ UX Magazine’s, Nate Schloesser, talks about the many ways AI can improve accessibility in research. From voice and image recognition to speech-to-text features — the process of converting speech into written text — AI can help make interacting with technology much easier for people with disabilities. Read on to find out more!

4. Hajrudin Krdzic and their guide to conducting inclusive user research

Highlighting the importance of inclusion in user research, Hajrudin Krdzic provides the ultimate guide for conducting inclusive research studies. With tips for adopting more open research practices, promoting diversity in your market research and the benefits that better inclusion can bring, Krdzic delves deep into the importance of participant inclusion. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or are committed to making more conscious steps towards better research practices, this blog is the perfect resource for you!

5. Shivonne Gates on making the research industry a more inclusive place

Impact and Evaluation Lead at Frontline and this year’s winner of the Market Research Society (MRS) Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Changemaker award, Shivonne Gates is a key advocate for better inclusion in the Market Research industry. In her blog, ‘Ethnic diversity in social research: a persistent problem,’ she highlights the underrepresentation of diverse ethnicities as an ongoing issue in user research and suggests a range of practical applications to implement in the creation of a more inclusive industry!

These are just a few of the many blogs advocating for better inclusion in User Research. Together, we can work to make research a more inclusive space!

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