UXperts December round-up

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What designing for seniors has taught me

Product designers are obsessed with the people we design for. What I never expected was that designing for seniors was one of the best crash courses on becoming a product designer.
By Joshua Reach at uxdesign.cc

10 experts share their biggest accessibility challenges

A while ago, we asked the UX and research community on Twitter to share the biggest challenges they have faced when trying to design accessible and inclusive products or run research and testing with disabled users. Here is what the community had to say.
By Alex Evans at peopleforresearch.co.uk

How does storytelling help you create better digital products?

Storytelling is widely used in every phase of a product life cycle: all the way from design to marketing. But is it really something that we can use in our daily work? In this post, Gábor Szabó collected cases where storytelling can be a useful tool to create and sell digital products.
By Gábor Szabó at uxstudioteam.com

Protecting data through technology itself

Humans have made great leaps in the last 50 years with the introduction of new technologies that make our lives easier and more productive. However, as technology expands, resources are needed to keep the massive amount of information that travels digitally secure.
By Capitol Technology University at captechu.edu

We looked at 40+ UX trends for 2020: this is what we found out

With 2020 just around the corner, we are looking back at 2019 and what People for Research achieved, as well as taking a look into the future and the trends that are likely to define user experience/ research – and shape user recruitment – over the next year.
By Paul Gooding at peopleforresearch.co.uk

The new burden of proof for cookie consent

A recent European Court of Justice clarification focusing specifically on the implementation of the Cookie Directive has presented our clients with a significant new challenge. Just when everyone hoped they were starting to get their ducks in a row around GDPR!
By Mark Hicks at cxpartners.co.uk

Integrating usability testing into your UX process

It is all too easy to fall back on evaluating UX design subjectively. However, what your stakeholders think of a UX design solution and whether it works for them is irrelevant. Real users, in real settings, are the only audience whose validation you need.
By Lydia Wright at uxmatters.com

Unpopular opinion: product designers shouldn’t be unicorns

Product (or UX/UI) designers are often pressured to be experts at literally everything under the sun, even disciplines outside of UX. Why aren’t we pressuring these other disciplines to be experts in what we do?
By Jessica Goldman at uxdesign.cc

UX pros design for all possible outcomes

Great customer experience (CX) and UX professionals should have an uncanny ability to imagine more than the ‘happy path’, where everything goes right for the customer and the system.
By Debbie Levitt at cmswire.com

UserZoom state of UX in the enterprise 2019

More than 200 global UX professionals completed UserZoom’s second annual State of UX in the Enterprise survey. Overall, the research findings show that the state of enterprise UX is strong and growing stronger. Nevertheless, many enterprise organisations still face common challenges.
By Kuldeep Kelkar at uxmatters.com

Design ≠ Art: modern websites look the same, but it’s OK

Today’s trend is to replace everything chaotic with something smooth and functional. Every so often people ask me why logos, fonts, graphic designs, and web designs are becoming so alike. Have designers forgotten how to be creative even for their own sites’ sakes?
By Kate Shokurova at uxdesign.cc



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