UXperts August round-up

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7 ways to ensure a frictionless onboarding process

Smart speakers, voice assistants, fitness wearables and connected TVs have become a normal part of our lives. Getting the onboarding process right means less friction for the user during initial setup and first use, and more chance for the product to become useful.
By Mike Dunn at macementer.com

Designing services with life events

If your ambition is to start to join up different user journeys and interactions, then there’s a bigger challenge and opportunity for service transformation that can create more value for users and your organisation.
By Ben Holliday at wearefuturegov.com

UCD Bristol 2019: the highlights so far

As you may know, UCD Bristol usually takes a break in August. The event will be back in September with an exciting talk by Claudia Loch, but for now we’ve listed the highlights of this year’s meetups so far.
By UCD Bristol at medium.com

Applying content design to user recruitment

Understanding, designing, testing, reviewing and improving — this is a very brief description of the content design process, and one that can be applied to purposes beyond creating amazing copy for a website or writing engaging micro-interactions for an app.
By Maria Santos at peopleforresearch.co.uk

What scripts and schemas can teach us about conversational experiences

What makes exchanges between humans and machines work is how the content fits with the context and situational awareness of the user it is tailoring towards. A concept that cognitive psychologists term as our scripts and schemas.
By Srikant Chari at medium.com

AMA with Juan Rafael Lopez, Senior Product Director at UserZoom

UserZoom hosted a live AMA with Juan Rafael Lopez, their Senior Product Director, previously at Validately. These are the highlights from his one-hour chat.
By OJ Quevedo at userzoom.com

9 amazing books that go beyond UX design

These books, although not strictly UX-related, discuss the foundational topics like human behaviour or key skills user experience designers should possess.
By Laura Yarrow at prototypr.io

Interview with UX Designer Jen Macias

“In our process, we interrogate the place, the client, and then empathise; because empathy is the cornerstone of design.” — Jen Macias, UX Designer from Oregon with a passion to create visual designs that educate and help people make informed decisions.
By Kari Goin at medium.com

The business case for customer experience

A great customer experience (CX) is a modern business imperative for commercial success. It represents a key factor, and in some cases, the only factor in remaining commercially viable and relevant. Conversely, a poor CX can erode the very foundation of a brand, and with it, customer confidence and sales.
By Simon Norris and Alex Metcalf at nomensa.com

What to do when user research isn’t giving actionable results

“If you work in UX, I’m sure you’ve had times when your research just doesn’t seem to be delivering anything useful. […] Take a step back to assess the project from a wider viewpoint. It could be down to one of any number of reasons.”
By Adam Babajee-Pycroft at naturalinteraction.com

The 3-click rule for navigation is false

While it is important to keep key information easily accessible, the 3-click rule is an arbitrary rule of thumb that is not backed by data.
By Page Laubheimer at nngroup.com

Stop freaking out about the evils of personas

The good, the bad, and the contextualised nuance of creating great design personas. The internet loves to hate on them, but Andy Budd, co-founder of Clearleft, has a thing or two to say about that.
By Carrie Boyd at userinterviews.com



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