UX audiobooks, podcasts and other things to listen to 🎧

By Jason Stockwell, Insights Marketing Manager at People for Research

If, like me, you’ve exhausted your record collection, you’ve probably turned to podcasts as a form of escapism. Once you are done with comedy, crime stories and news, it’s worth digging deeper into areas that can help to improve your career.

This is not an exhaustive UX audio list by no means, but it’s a good start if you’re looking to keep up with what’s happening in the industry and go a bit deeper into the archives.


🎧 UX Design for Growth

Author: Molly Norris Walker

As a user experience professional, you have the power to influence your companies’ trajectories and peoples’ lives. This audiobook covers the day-to-day design operations in a way that convinces people to take action based on your findings and get buy-in from people to justify your findings. The audiobook uses case studies and covers simple and low-cost design techniques deployed by companies of all sizes.

🎧 UX: Learn to Design Great Products for a Better User Experience

Author: Steven Branson

If you are looking for a complete guide in UX that you can digest in just a few hours, this audiobook is for you. It showcases a different approach to user experience development covering UX design principles, implementation practices and how good UX leads to benefits for businesses.

🎧 UX Lifecycle | The Business Guide to Implementing Great Software User Experiences

Twitter: @UXLifecycle

Authors: Jeremy Baines & Clive Howard

The perfect start to your UX journey. This audiobook addresses the basics, the importance of user research and how the process is all about continually improving products and services.

🎧 User Friendly: How the Hidden Rules of Design Are Changing the Way We Live, Work, and Play

Authors: Robert Fabricant & Cliff Kuang

This was one of the first audiobooks I added to my list, and I’m sure you’ll do the same. I learn through stories and the ones included in this audiobook are engaging. It covers the hidden rules governing how design shapes our behaviour. Some of the stories include what the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island reveals about the logic of the smartphone and how a failed vision for Disney World yielded a new paradigm for design experience.

🎧 The Design of Everyday Things

Author: Don Norman

Published in 1988, but still relevant! Anyone who designs anything to be used by humans must read (or listen to) this book, and it is an equally interesting read for anyone who uses anything (so, all of us) created by another human.

🎧 Design Is a Job

Author: Mike Monteiro

Flipping hilarious, and I took a lot away from it. It’s not often someone’s personality comes across in a book, and this one is exceptional.


🎙 UX Podcast

Hosts: James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom

We kick off the list with the long running UX Podcast. The focus here is on insights from business, tech and people. A lot of the podcasts are interviews with user researchers and people who work in the industry sharing their experiences.

🎙 UI Breakfast: UI/UX design and product strategy

Host: Jane Portman

Jane Portman talks all things UX strategy, trends and best practice and has exciting conversations about UX/UI and product releases with guests. A must subscribe for all user experience and user interface design professionals!

🎙 Shop Talk

Host: Dave Rupert & Chris Coyier

A podcast that focusses on the process of building websites, from development to front-end web design and UX. It’s the perfect on-the-go audio show to keep you up to date on tech and design updates and development trends.

🎙 99% Invisible

Host: Roman Mars

The ultimate design-for-real-life podcast. If you’ve ever wondered how they’ve designed anything, 99PI have probably covered it. From architecture to street signs, this is a must-listen regardless of your background.

🎙 User Defenders Podcast

Host: Jason Ogle

User Defenders: Podcast highlights those leading the way in their craft by diving deeper into who they are and what makes them tick, in order to inspire and equip those aspiring to do the same.

🎙 What is Wrong with UX?

Hosts: Laura Klein & Kate Rutter

This podcast pair beverages with podcasts to make the most of your listening experience. A funny take on user experience and all the flaws that come with it.

🎙 Design Life

Hosts: Charli Marie & Femke van Schoonhoven

Design Life is a podcast about design and side projects for motivated creators. It was born after the hosts, two serial side-project addicts, saw a gap in the podcast market for a conversational show led by women that focussed on design and the issues young creatives face.

What about you, what have you been listening to during this time?

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