September 2020: UXperts round-up

Brits who design + Your next persona will be non-human + The big accessibility round-up + more

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How to talk to stakeholders about web accessibility

As a web accessibility specialist at a large company, Rachel Gallucci is constantly advocating for the importance of accessibility: “in the past, I’ll admit I’ve made the mistake of trying to shame or scold others into caring about accessibility. I’ve seen these scare tactics a lot. What I’ve learned is that they don’t work.”
By Rachel Gallucci at (UX Collective)

The big accessibility round-up: inspiration, resources & events

Accessibility requirements are no longer a ‘nice to have’, but should be seen as a priority and an absolute necessity for all businesses and organisations in the long run. Inspired by this inclusive mindset, here are some resources we love and some events worth keeping an eye out for.
By People for Research at

5 tips for better button design

Buttons are essential to UI, because most interfaces require some sort of an action from us to proceed. Whether it’s saving, checking-out or downloading something, buttons are everywhere. Let’s talk about how to make them work better with just five simple steps.
By Michal Malewicz at

How to build a UX tool stack

You’re ready to run your next research project. You’ve collaborated with the product team on the problem space, there’s buy-in and budget — now what? Well, it’s time to look at an essential part of the research workflow: the research tool stack.
By David Renwick at

10 reasons why user experience is sabotaged in digital banking

Almost every financial institution invests a lot of effort and money into experience design, as this ensures a competitive advantage in the digital age. Unfortunately, sometimes results are pitiful.
By Alex Kreger (UXDA — First design agency for Banking & Fintech) at

Brits who design: showcasing the work of British designers

Brits Who Design is a place to showcase the work of talented British designers to the world. The goal of the project is to inspire new designers to expand their references, experienced designers to diversify their network, and companies to find hidden talent to join their teams.
By Adam Walker at

User research and empathy during COVID-19

During a pandemic, every conversation you have with a research participant could potentially be a sensitive exchange, so how do you approach these conversations? The answer to this challenge is empathy.
By Maria Santos at

Your next persona will be non-human

Environment-centred design tools can do the same for the environment we inhabit, what user-centred design tools have done for the people we deliver design solutions to.
By Monika Sznel at

UX research methods and when to use them

If user experience design is about ensuring that users will find value, satisfaction, and delight when they interact with our products, then employing various UX research methods is the way for UX designers to reach to the top of the mountain.
By Nathan Enzo at

Quantitative research: getting the right insights from your survey

There are ways of ensuring quantitative research – and the insights you’ll get from it – is relevant to your business or brand. Start with building each campaign on the right foundations, with clear objectives, audience familiarity and the right survey design.
By Jason Stockwell at

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