October 2020: UXperts round-up

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In a crisis, double down on user needs

Matt Edgar, Associate Director of Design and User Research at NHS Digital, explains why user-centred design is vital in a pandemic — not a ‘nice to have’ — in the first NHS Digital Design Matters blog post.
By Matt Edgar at digital.nhs.uk

8 UX & user research nightmares (plus handy ideas and resources)

We went on a deep dive in Reddit to find some of the most popular issues UX designers and researchers are currently facing (and the useful suggestions shared).
By Maria Santos at peopleforresearch.co.uk

Explaining UX design through chairs

You often get asked about this when you work in a less-understood domain like UX design. Answering this question can be a real head-scratcher! As a designer, there are multiple ways you can attempt to explain it.
By Animesh Gupta at uxdesign.cc

Bonding digital banks & customers through financial UX design

Customer centricity is the bridge that bonds financial brands with their customers. UXDA — First design agency for Banking & Fintech’s founder and CEO, UX strategist Alex Kreger to find out answers to the most asked questions about the user experience in banking and other financial services.
By UXDA at uxplanet.org

Designing for impact

As designers, we talk a lot about the impact our work has on the customers we serve and the businesses we are part of. Not only do we want our work to have purpose and meaning, but we also want it to have a strong, tangible effect on the things we’re trying to change. So, how can you as a designer have more impact through your work?
By Matthew Godfrey at uxdesign.cc

6 stats to prove your value as a UX designer

Lifting the veil of what UX design really is — and why it matters. It’s about time we learn how to actually speak about UX design to non-designers and business stakeholders.
By Alexandra Grochowski at uxdesign.cc

How we can make user recruitment & research more accessible

As the deadline for public sector organisations in the UK to make their existing websites fully accessible has now passed, accessibility is finally making its way up the priority list for both the public and private sector. We spoke to our Accessibility Collective to find out their thoughts on navigating the online world and helping to make digital products more accessible via user research.
By Cathryn Innocent at peopleforresearch.co.uk

How to translate insight into product design differently

Translating useful information into actionable steps and valuable experiences through two simple considerations.
By Camille Oudinot at Nerd For Tech

Conducting user research in lockdown

Conducting user research remotely is challenging, but can yield unexpected benefits. Brigit O’Sullivan, User Researcher at NHS Digital, describes what she learned working as a user researcher for the NHS App during lockdown.
By Brigit O’Sullivan at digital.nhs.uk

Why you should run a pilot study before quantitative research

Gearing up to run a large quantitative research project? Although often overlooked, pilot studies are one of the quickest and most efficient tactics to ensure you get the most out of unmoderated research before wasting your time and resources.
By Jason Stockwell at peopleforresearch.co.uk



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