May 2020: UXperts round-up

Disabled people speak out about lack of accessibility during COVID-19 + 12 things that inspire us to be better UXers + This UX specialist opened 12 UK bank accounts and ‘logged’ everything + more

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Shifting to remote facilitation: lessons from the home office

As the world shifts to remote work, we share some tips on facilitating remote workshops and borrow lessons from what we know from facilitating in-person workshops.
By Aryanna Martin at

Pinpointing the findability of topics on your website with tree testing

People use context clues and other points of reference (like familiarity and habits) to find things that they’re looking for. The same goes for navigating a webpage.
By Steven Carr at (Optimal Workshop)

12 things that inspire us to be better UXers

What makes a great user experience designer? Having spent many years collaborating with UXers from all walks of life in product and service design, I'd have to say empathy.
By Steven Shukor at (Nomensa)

The 5 books that helped me transition to UX design

Transitioning careers can feel like a hard, almost impossible, thing to do. Not knowing where or how to start could be frustrating. Yet, a lot of people go through this process every day.
By Nicolas Backal at

24 more things we want to redesign

When was the last time you were annoyed by something small? Like the mean, angry noise a chip reader makes when it’s done with your card? Or the mess a pen makes when the cap pops off in your back pocket? Or how deeply, achingly, frustratingly hard it is to tie a water balloon?
By Jayme Brown at (IDEO)

People who get accessibility right

When talking about experience and usability, accessibility is an absolute essential, but unfortunately this doesn’t mean that the digital environment is always inclusive.
By People for Research at

Accessibility in UX: the case for radical empathy

A common misconception is that accessibility requires a focus on users that have some kind of disability — but that isn’t the case. Accessibility design is inclusive of everyone.
By Kriti Krishan at

Designing in the open: how we make design accessible

“Building a truly delightful user experience is a team effort: anyone should be able to contribute. That sounds great in theory, right? Working in the design space for 15+ years now, I can tell you quite confidently that it’s easier said than done.”
By Fabricio Rosa Marques at

Four disabled users speak out about lack of accessibility during COVID-19

At a time when digital inclusion is more essential than ever, we asked disabled members of our community of participants to share their opinion on the level of accessibility of online news platforms and official sources of updates like the Government’s daily briefs during the pandemic.
By Leona Taylor at

The workflow process of a UX research study

A deeper understanding of the UX research process helps us plan, collect, analyse and report actionable data to stakeholders in a more efficient and effective way.
By Chema Oller at

This UX specialist opened 12 UK bank accounts and ‘logged’ everything

Peter Ramsey, founder of UK-based UX advisory Built for Mars, has spent the last three months documenting and analysing the user experience of a dozen leading British banks — both incumbents and challengers.
By Steve O’Hear at

The messy state of UX job titles

“What used to be called UX when it was my primary career focus, is no longer called UX. I’ve been working in community partnerships for the last few years, but I’ve been keeping my ‘UX’ skills sharp since ‘UX’ is something I absolutely love.”
By Jennifer Aldrich at

How designers are using UX for evil

Let’s go through a couple of examples of how some designers are applying bad practices to create dark patterns.
By Semih Yılmaz at



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