COVID-19 🦠 Our latest insights into behaviour and experiences in the UK

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Behaviours and experiences

53.0% of people claim to have followed all of the rules of lockdown between 26th December and 8th March.

58.8% of people think they are more cautious than other members of the public when it comes to the pandemic.

On to the rest of 2021

41.3% of people are not going on holiday this year, with 38.3% holidaying in the UK and 22.7% planning on going to Europe this year.

53.0% of people say they would not feel comfortable travelling internationally in the next six months.

Hand sanitiser, face masks and social distancing could become the norm, with 79.5%, 68.4% and 63.6% of people respectively saying they will keep up these habits for the remainder of 2021.



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