April 2020: UXperts round-up

10 questions asked by UXers during the pandemic + 100 things a UX/UI designer should know + Steve Krug discusses UX design’s 20-year evolution + more

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4 min readApr 30, 2020

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5 challenges of remote user research & how to deal with them

Remote user research and testing has never been more at the forefront of UX researchers’ minds and toolkits. Here are a few common issues with remote user research and some helpful guidance on how to deal with the things that inevitably go wrong.
By Elizabeth Chesters at userzoom.com (UserZoom Inc.)

Avoiding user research no-shows

If you’ve conducted any kind of user research, you likely know how it feels for people you’ve recruited for research activities to ghost you. So, what can you do to not only mitigate the risk of being ghosted but to react to such scenarios when they occur?
By Jonathan Walter at uxmatters.com

When to do quantitative UX research

Surveys can get a bad reputation due to unclear audience targeting, validity issues and leading questions; but, alas, this is not the fault of the survey. The data you get out is only as good as the effort you put in, and one of the key things that is often overlooked with quantitative UX research is timing.
By Victoria Karran at peopleforresearch.co.uk

How to do ethical UX research?

While doing UX research you need to be aware of the power you have. Your actions influence real people and real businesses. Drawing on the expertise and experiences of practicing UX researchers and anthropologists, Katre Koppel outlines four principles you should follow to do ethical UX research.
By Katre Koppel at uxdesign.cc (UX Collective)

Remote UX work: guidelines and resources

Even though in-person UX sessions are typically ideal, sometimes budget or travel restrictions necessitate remote UX work. This article presents guidelines for remote user research, UX workshops or presentations, and collaboration.
By Kate Kaplan at nngroup.com

10 questions asked by UXers during the pandemic

With the UK and many other countries around the world in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and with many UX and research professionals shifting to a full-time remote work (and remote research only) routine, the community’s priorities have adapted to the situation.
By Maria Santos at peopleforresearch.co.uk

The big interview: Gavin Neate, founder of Neatebox

When founder of Neatebox Gavin Neate says software apps for the disabled can change society, his words carry conviction.
By Emma Newlands at scotsman.com

100 things a UX/UI designer should know

Architect Michael Sorkin recently died from coronavirus, and in a tribute to his beautiful piece 250 Things an Architect Should Know, Erik D. Kennedy has compiled a list of 100 things a UX/UI designer should know.
By Erik D. Kennedy at learnui.design

What difference does intelligence make in UX teams?

One of the things that immediately made H Locke a more effective teacher was understanding the difference between fluid and crystallised intelligence and how they are exhibited specifically by UX people.
By H. Locke at uxplanet.org (uxplanet.org)

Agile & lean UX

Tips for devs and design teams: how to become allies, not enemies. How can you transform your organisation and ensure every project delivers value to the business, your customers and your teams?
By Annalisa Valente at uxdesign.cc

Steve Krug discusses UX design’s 20-year evolution

Steve’s famous book “Don’t Make Me Think” is now 20 years old and in its third edition. It has sold over 600,000 copies and is used as a web design primer in college courses. In the last two decades, one thing is true: technology has evolved; users haven’t.
By Jeff Link at builtin.com

The struggle of “idea validation” in UX

Jeremie ROBERRINI-NEVEU thought he could really bridge two of his worlds by bringing good UX with good asset management together to make something that would be truly relevant for people.
By Jeremie Roberrini-Neveu at uxplanet.org



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