Why startups struggle to get UX right the first time + Data sampling collection types and when to use them + PFR shortlisted for Oppies 2021 + more

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Article by Jason Stockwell, Digital Insight Lead at People for Research

Quick disclaimer before we start: Data sampling is simple, it is the method in which we choose a sample group of participants to take part in research. But it’s also one of the most important steps of your research process and it’s essential that we understand the importance of data sampling to ensure we get a balanced perspective.

One of the problems with the term data sampling is it’s putting together two things that aren’t very cool and trying to make them seem cooler.

A different issue is that…

With the 17th May roadmap milestone right around the corner, it feels like the UK is getting ready to get back to normality.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

We have run a series of surveys during the pandemic focusing on mental health, physical health and people’s behaviour, to try and better understand how people are adapting to life in lockdown. You can take a look at our work here.

With salons and pub gardens now open and more changes about to be announced ahead of 17th May, we wondered how the UK is handling this return to normality-ish.

We recently ran yet another survey with…

How to encourage participation during research + Getting started with statistics for UX + 10 key takeaways from our latest UX industry survey + more

It’s made headlines in the last couple of weeks, here’s what is going wrong with the UK Disability survey and what best practice would look like.

This blog first appeared on the People for Research website

The media caught wind of a massive issue this week, after the UK Disability Survey was released and almost 100 disability organisations and allies called for the government to scrap the rushed initiative (click here to read the full story from the Disability News Service).

The government have already been forced to extend the deadline to complete this survey, but the main criticisms have…

Remote research webinar + The best way to communicate roadmap status + Gamification in UX design + more

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Not all card sorts are the same. In this article, Jason Stockwell breaks down the differences and the benefits of each card sort type.

By Jason Stockwell, Insights Marketing Manager at People for Research

We’re reaching a stage where people are starting to wonder what a post-pandemic world will look like. Will we go back to an office, will we attend events again, will we be able to make small talk with strangers about the weather, and, of course, will we return to face-to-face research…

And while we know the answers to some of these questions (mainly about how dreary the UK’s forecast can be in November) we, as researchers, have been able to adapt very successfully to a new remote world by taking…

Celebrating this year’s World Usability Day with some insightful articles from Medium around the topic of human-centred artificial intelligence, 2020’s topic.

The hype around artificial intelligence has, for quite a long time, been a mix of excitement over innovation, technological advancements and new possibilities, and fear that humans will lose control of the technology they create.

The topic will be celebrated during this year’s World Usability Day, which will look to “explore design systems that are both highly automated and allow a great degree of user control and will result in to expand human capabilities 1000-fold.”

“If we can design AI which is ‘reliable, trusted, and safe’ we can dramatically enhance human performance in the coming decade.”

Inspired by WUD’s choice…

Conducting user research in lockdown + Making user recruitment & research more accessible + more

Seven articles by seven authors on Medium that detail some well-known UX design and user research nightmares and horror stories.

The nightmare of planning co-design sessions

By Jonas Rauff Mortensen

Slaying remote collaboration monsters with the power of design

By Laurie Grant

Designing surveys is not always easy

By UX Alpaca

When user recruitment becomes part of the problem

By Steve Portigal

The scary effects of online advertising on the user’s experience

By Marty Seinamets (via UX Collective Editor)

Three horror tales from the world of user experience

By Miriam Roth

The imposter syndrome nightmare

By muditha batagoda (via uxplanet.org)

Do you have any UX/user research horror stories to add to the mix? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

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